lördag 8 oktober 2016

88OR On LaRadio FM Directories

Who we are

Group of office workers and a freelancer. We are good kind people, united in this project in a desire to vary the life.

Why all this?

Lets start whith the «Groundhog Day». Today's office work consists of the same daily things: computer, internet, tea-coffee, co-workers and other things that every day does not change and leads to apathy. So you have to be distracted by conversations, reading news, games. This includes music that is also a good stimulator and the way to make today differ than yesterday. But even a giant playlist in your player eventually begins to be perceived as a part of the entourage and you already know what will play next even in the «shuffle» mode. Based on these arguments the idea of listening to the radio became obvious. Now we have this web site – the place where we are collecting sounds from different corners of the planet.

What is the goal?

First of all, the radio helps to reduce time you spend on search and perception of news, music, video, etc. It is not necessary to do it because the radio workers have already done it for you. They have prepared a music, found a news, a subject of conversation, a fresh anecdote. You just have to listen. In such a way radio reduces the need for distractions from work.

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